12 March 2019

Welcome to the gallery at Joyinn Aparthotel. You can see the works of the well-known Wrocław artist Danuta Pałka - SzyszkA. All works can be purchased.

The entire hotel has mastered art. The unspectacular space of the hotel has turned into a great gallery. Along the stairs, from the ground floor to the top floor, 40 works painted with different techniques found their new place.

The prevailing floral motifs blend in perfectly with the views of Wrocław and old Lviv. The large 140x100 and the small 40x40 formats look great together. On the glass, the watercolors are illuminated by reflections of light, which are highlighted by the subtle brush strokes on the canvas.

What does not tell a word, must see the eye. We invite you cordially - come and admire. If you are particularly delighted with one copy - and it will not be difficult - every picture can become your property. All works have been priced, marked with a catalog number and description. You can find prices at the reception. Here, too, you will get help in transporting and responding with security works for the travel time.

Recommend and welcome.

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