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Set I: Omelette

(to choose: with cheese, bacon or onions), sprinkled with chives, a serving of salad

Set II: Scrambled eggs

 with bacon, onions or chives, salad on request

Set III: Croque Madame

 white sandwich bread with cheese, ham and fried egg, fried in batter and salad mix with fresh vegetables *

Set IV: French toast
            based on wheat bread, fried in batter with a hint of cinnamon, served with vanilla

            cottage cheese and fruit *

Set V: English breakfast

 egg, beans in tomato sauce, fried mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, sausages, slice of bread.

Set VI: Board for two
            selection of quality cheeses and cold meats, hot sausages, hard-boiled eggs and

            various types of bread.

In addition to each set: a basket of warm bread, butter, honey and homemade jams

  • Bread on request

On request: homemade granola with yoghurt (vegan or natural)


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