03 Junyary 2019

With the New Year we have something new for you - Cantina Toscana has been opened and the name is not accidental. We invite you to a real Italian cuisine.

In the beautiful, renovated with the utmost care, the atmospheric basements of our hotel, a truly Italian house has opened its doors.

Everything here brings to mind, smells and reminds of sunny Italy. Starting from the luscious lemons and bouquets of fresh herbs boiling in the windows, through a range of ruby contents in substantial book-marks, ending with a chef with real Tuscan roots.

From the chef actually should start, because it is his creativity that gives rise to sophisticated flavors that, though familiar to us, will surprise you again. Such penne arrabiata, fettuccine moscardini or tiramisu hardly ever you will experience. 

As for good cuisine, the original and regional products are the basis, and there is no compromise regarding freshness and quality.

We can boldly proclaim and proudly do it, that we join the fantastic group making Włodkowica the tastiest street in Wroclaw.

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