24 December 2018

Christmas Eve is a special time - reflection on what is past, faith in the well-being of what will come. Being faithful to the tradition of meditation, we found a moment. We also have a handful of important resolutions! We also complete traditional duties that will make us even better. And all this with a happy smile. Because ... as on Christmas Eve, and all year long.

              We do not resist our customs, on the contrary - we approach them with faith and hope.

That's why we already have the husk of blue carp in the safe-for a bountiful 2019, a Christmas tree dressed up: apples for beauty, baubles for protection from ill will, chains linking human connections, bells foreshadowing exceptionally good news, and a star - in memory of this Bethlehem that should help find a way back.

Warm atmosphere is included in the standard, traditional Christmas Eve treatments are surrendered to the delight of guests.

Who would not want to always have one free seat at the common table waiting for him, or a cozy room with a comfortable bed and a beautiful view? Who would not want to hold a coin under a saucer, and in return have business trips abound throughout the year? Who does not like to receive gifts that we give from January to December. Do you know a better "home"?

As all customs have been fulfilled - it is time for resolutions. Ours are entirely for You. We are planning a few concrete changes, really good changes. And after them - for breakfast you will be able to go in slippers, and after work for a drink .. On holiday you will get a package with a full tour plan, exquisite menu and a gift discount from the hotel. We'll do what you want - weddings, baptisms, communions, maybe engagements.

You want a romantic weekend for two - arranged. Yes, up until now, you will be the most important for us, but when you come back - we will honor you. Little? We will change  inside and out, and we will tell you about every change. And only one will be unchanged - our great joy of visiting guests and happiness when you are nice with us.

Merry Christmas!

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